No New Nightmare for Englund

Over at ESpatter, Lucius Gore laments that Robert Englund will in fact not be reprising his most famous role, despite reports to the contrary. Lucius links to an interview, in which Endlund says he is too old for the role (”it would be Freddy vs Viagra,” he jokes).

In the interview, Englund also discusses his current directorial effort, an adaptation of “The Vij,” (the story that inspired Mario Bava’s vampire classic BLACK SUNDAY). 

It’s inspired by a short story by Russian writer Gogol. We’ve taken many characters from there, but we departed from the original story. We’ve taking themes from the original, but the humour and the philosophy has been removed. In the original story, there is an argument among students in a village. They mention our plot, so we’ve taken that mention of the plot and made our movie out of it. A priest goes the village to save the rich man’s daughter, who’s cursed by the fallen angel, The Viji, the guardian of the purgatory, who came to Earth. So, we elaborated that and made it our basic plot story.

UPDATE: Monsters and Critics notes that horror icon Christopher Lee (LORD OF THE RINGS) will headline the film, playing a “God-like character called The Father.”

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