Horror Hype for Saw V

The Vault of Horror quotes a Bloody-Disgusting.Com interview with director David Hackl, who claims that SAV V will include a trap literally capable of killing the actor inside of it:

“Today I am looking forward to making a phone call to one of our cast to ask him how he feels about getting into a trap that could potentially kill him. For real. Of course we will make it as safe as we can and have paramedics standing by while we shoot. Its not like he really has an option and maybe it will make him appreciate his life. Ha!!”

After the TWILIGHT ZONE movie tragedy, we should never laugh off a director’s capacity to put an actor in danger, but this sounds like ridiculous hype (rather like Alice Cooper’s old claim that the guillotine in his stage show had only one small catch protecting his neck from the blade). If the SAW V contraption is really as dangerous as Hackl implies, no actor in his right mind would step into it, and the Screen Actor’s Guild would probably file a grievance if the prouction tried to fire the actor for his refusal. Maybe a stunt man would take the risk but only if he thought it were not a foolish risk.

Of course, when you stop and analyze Hackl’s remark, it is vague enough to be meaningless. Even just driving a car “could potentially kill” you.

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