Cinefantastique Web Surfing 02/19/08

WHEN FANS ARE KILLING SCIENCE FICTION: An article analyzing what goes wrong when producers pander to the rabid fan-base, citing DR. WHO, STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE, etc.

GOLDEN COMPAS NABS ART DIRECTORS GUILD AWARD: It took the prize in the “Fantasy Film” category.

WHO WILL COMPLETE HEATH LEDGER’S IMAGINARIUM ROLE? Times Online suggests that Jude Law, Collin Farrell and Johnny Depp are being considered. Since Terry Gilliam’s film is a fantasy about a mirror that transports the characters into different dimensions, it would be possible to cast all three actors and also retain the footage of Ledger, who died of a drug overdose midway through production.

HARRY POTTER AVOIDS HORROR BOYCOTT: China’s recently announced horror boycott will not extend to fantasy-oriented films like the HARRY POTTER franchise. According to China’s media watchdog, myths, fantasy, and science fiction are “fundamentally different” from horror. So films like the homegrown EROTIC GHOST STORY will also still be allowed.

GOTHIC HORROR STAR AT HOME IN BELFAST: The Belfast Telegraph profiles Selma Blair, co-star of the HELLBOY films, who recently shot a violent thriller called WAZ in Belfast.

CRAVING SCIENCE FICTION FILMS: Pamela Scott Shelton bemoans the lack of good sci-fi cinema lately.

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