Cinefantastique Web Surfing 02/10/08

ROMERO SPEAKS: Vault of Horror gives some bullet points extracted from a radio interview Romero gave regarding DIARY OF THE DEAD. We will have our own exclusive interview with Romero next week.

JUNO GOES TO HELL: Ellen Page (a current critical darling because of her Oscar-nominated role in JUNO) will star in DRAG ME TO HELL, a horror film to be directed by Sam Raimi (who earned cult status for his EVIL DEAD films before directing blockbusters like SPIDER-MAN). In the U.S., Universal Pictures will distribute the film, which is slated for a March 17 start date.

PIRANHA 3D? alerts us that Alexandre Aja is planning to remake PIRANHA in 3D. The original film, directed by Joe Dante, has already been remade once, making this the third version. Maybe they could use the abandoned JAWS 3, PEOPLE 0 script, with a quick rewrite to change the species of fish. 

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