Cinefantastique Web Surfing 02/04/08

MOTHER OF TEARS: ESplatter reports that Dario Argento’s latest supernatural horror gorefest will receive a theatrical release on June 6, in its uncut NC-17 form.

REMAKES OF ASIAN HORROR FILMS KEEP COMING OUR WAY: Terrence Rafferty takes a look at the relative (de)merits of ONE MISSED CALL and THE EYE.

GREEN MATRIXSTREAM TECHNOLOGY POWERS ONLINE HORROR MOVIE: A brief post announcing the MatrixStream will be delivering the 2006 horror movie SHADOW: DEAD RIOT (with Tony Dodd) in high-definition to subscribers of MyTVpal’s online video service. 100 high-def titles will be released over the next month. MatrixStream touts their service as a “green-friendly” alternative method of delivering films to viewers, as opposed to old-fashioned walk-in or mailed rentals of tapes or discs.

THE CURTAIN FALLS ON ROCKY HORROR: The Daily Telegraph laments the end of the film’s 20-year midnigh-movie run in Sydney, Australia.

THE MONSTER SHOW - HORROR, RITUAL, AND PILGRIMAGE: John Morehead ponders the religous implications of classic horror films, as elucidated by author David Skal.

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