Cinefantastique Web Surfing 02/01/08

THE MAN BEHIND THE MYTH: The Scotsman profiles Douglas Rae, producer of THE WATER HORSE.

CLASSIC SPECIAL EFFECTS COMING TO VANCOUVER: Filmchat provides a schedule of screenings for a sci-fi film festival at the VanCity Theatre, including KING KONG (1933), BLADE RUNNER (1982), and THE MATRIX (1999).

JESSICA ALBA LOSES AN EYE FOR HORROR: iF Magazine interviews the actress about THE EYE.

TOR BRINGS SCIENCE FICTION LITERATURE TO THE SCI-FI CHANNEL: a brief article from SF Crow’s Nest, about the recent deal between Sci Fi Channel and Tor Books.

BEHIND THE SCENES OF SUPERNATURAL: SF Universe offers a sneak peak behind the scenes of the television show SUPERNATURAL.

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