Box Office: Jumping to #1

Two big genre films opened wide this weekend. JUMPER, the sci-fi action-adventure, leapt to the top of the hill; THE SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES spun its way into third.

Samuel L. Jackson in JUMPER

JUMPER made it debut by teleporting into 3,428 theatres. As expected, the film easily won the #1 position, but its estimated weekend take of $27.23-million fell a bit short of the predicted $30-million.

SPIDERWICK built its web in 3,847 theatres, where it eanred $19.08-million, approximately half a million below the second place winner STEP UP TO THE STREETS.

There were no holdover fantasy, sci-fi, or horror films in the weekend’s Top Ten. In its third week of release, THE EYE dropped from $#4 to #11, where it earned $3.16-million; the film’s total U.S. revenues now sand at $26.31-million.

Read the complete Top Ten here.

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