Box Office: Comedies poke out “Eye”

Two new comedies – FOOL’S GOLD and WELCOME HOME, ROSCOE JENKINS – took the top slots at the box office this week, knocking the previous week’s winners down two slots. This put HANNAH MONTANA AND MILEY CYRUS in third place and THE EYE in fourth place, making this one of the rare weekends when no science-fiction, fantasy, or horror films were in the win, place, or show positions.

THE EYE earned $6.63-million in its sophomore session (down approximately 50% from its debut), raising its two-week total to $21.52. At this rate, its final U.S. total should fall short of $30-million, although it seems like to surpass the current $26.4-million total of ONE MISSED CALL, the year’s previous remake of an Asian horror hit. Although this is chump change by Hollywood studio’s standards, the film represents a minor hit for indie distributor Lionsgate.

No other genre films made it into the Top Ten this weekend.

CLOVERFIELD dropped from #9 to #12, adding $2.65-million to its four-week total of $75.93-million. Of some academic interest to box office watchers is whether 27 DRESSES - currently with a U.S. total of $65.37-million – can catch or surpass CLOVERFIELD. The romantic comedy was released on the same day as the monster movie, taking the #2 slot; CLOVERFIELD opened much bigger, but 27 DRESSES has shown longer legs, currently holding the #6 position with $5.7-million.

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