The Signal – question-and-answer with co-director Jacob Gentry

THE SIGNAL was one of the best movies I saw at last October’s Screamfest Film Festival in Hollywood. The premise involves a mysterious transmission that turns those who view it into homicidal maniacs. The plot follows a married woman and her lover, who are trying to avoid her husband after he views the “signal.” Although some people liken THE SIGNAL to a zombie movie, it is closer in tone and execution to David Cronenberg’s RABID (1977) with Marilyn Chambers. The unqiue thing about the film is the vague line separating the maniacs from the normal people, with characters crossing back and forth from one condition to the other, making it difficult if not impossible to know whom to trust and whom to fear.

The film is supposed to get a platform release this February. Below is the question-and-answer session from after the Screamfest screening.

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