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Laserblast: End of January DVD Roundup

Doing a little catch-up work this week, as we have been neglecting some of January’s home video releases. Not that there have been that many; after the big Christmas glut, things slow down during the beginning of the year. Still, fans of the Jigsaw Killer will be pleased to know that SAW IV is now [...]

Cloverfield’s box office plummet

Variety takes a look at the 68% box office decline of CLOVERFIELD in its second weekend. Thanks to its low-budget, not to mention overseas sales, the film will undoubtedly be profitable, but the article makes the point that its success tends to be driven more by advertising than audience satisfaction.
Paramount’s “Cloverfield”may have posted the biggest [...]

Del Toro to direct pair of Hobbits?

The Hollywood Reporter tells us that director Guillermo Del Toro is on the short list of names being considered to helm New Line Cinema’s proposed pair of films based on THE HOBBIT. The production, which will serve as a prequel to New Line’s LORD OF THE RINGS, is being co-financed by MGM, and the concern [...]

CyberSurfing 01/28/08

CyberSurfing 01/28/08

ALL THE BOYS LOVE MANDY LANE – TRAILER AND FIRST TEN MINUTES: Yahoo Movies has the trailer and an exclusive excerpt (the first ten minutes) of this film, which has no firm U.S. release date yet, although it opening on February 15 in the U.K.

INSOMNIFEST 2008: Starting February 1, this is billing itself as the [...]

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