No Knighthood for the Count

Over at, an incensed writer laments the snubbing of actor Christopher Lee, who was again passed over for a knighthood this year.

But if there is one denizen of the acting realm for whom a knighthood is achingly overdue then that man is Christopher Frank Carandini Lee. The basso-toned legend -most famous, of course, for his near definitive portrayal of Count Dracula in seven bloody, brilliant Hammer films – was awarded the CBE in 2001, but advancement to KBE has thus far eluded him, despite a highly acclaimed entertainment career spanning seven decades.

The article goes on to give an impassioned summar of Lee’s career. Although he came to fame fifty years ago in the Hammer horror films, Lee is still active in the film industry, having played Saruman in THE LORD OF THE RINGS and Count Dooku (seen below) in ATTACK OF THE CLONES and REVENGE OF THE SITH.


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