Laserblast: Resident Evil 3 leads a listless week

The New Year gets off to a slow start with only a handful of new fantasy, horror, or sci-fi home video releases. Considering that Christmas is past and that, for the second week in a row, Tuesday (when new releases normally hit shelves) fell on a holiday, one can understand why there might be a dearth of new titles, but still…you would expect a little more than this. There is a box set of for SEAQUEST DSV: SEASON TWO, another box set for WEIRD SCIENCE – THE COMPLETE SEASONS 1 & 2. SOLSTICE, from BLAIR WITCH-director Daniel Myrick, goes direct-to-video. (Strange to think how quickly and completely the BLAIR WITCH phenomenon -and the buzz surrounding it – burned out.) No doubt the bit seller this week will be RESIDENT EVIL: EXTINCTION, which arrives on a Widescreen Special Edition DVD and onBlu-ray disc. Bonus features are: audio commentary by director Russell Mulcahy writer-producer Paul W. S. Anderson, and producer Jeremy Bolt; 11 deleted scenes; “Beyond Raccon City” (a half-hour making of featurette); plus previews for upcoming movies and games, including a teaser for RESIDENT EVIL: DEGENERATION.  Check out this week’s home video releases below the fold.

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