Giallo: The Yellow Bastard?

A few days ago, we mentioned GIALLO as Italian director Dario Argento’s next project, pointing out that the title refers to a genre of mystery-thriller typified by outrageous plot twists and violent deaths inflicted upon beautiful women. Now, journalist Alan Jones writers in to Dark Dreams to clarify that the title has a more specific meaning:

Dario’s new project might well be the English language thriller GIALLO written by Sean Keller and Jim Agnew. (The same writers have also just written John Carpenter’s latest LA GOTHIC). But while nothing has been set in stone regarding start date and other finer details, here’s what it’s about.

You might at first think the title simply refers to the type of stylized Italian crime thriller Dario popularized with THE BIRD WITH THE CRYSTAL PLUMAGE. Indeed, the story revolves around his favourite themes of gorgeous victims, excessive bloodletting and deviant killers. However, here the maniac responsible for a string of mutilation murders in Milan (but he’ll film in Turin again), is actually yellow, the literal English translation of the Italian world. Thanks to hereditary liver disease Hepatitis C, the psycho’s skin is a vivid sallow colour. His equally jaundiced view of the world compels him to first make the pretty women he picks up in his (yellow) taxi cab ugly before killing them.

Hmm…a sick twisted yellow bastard who gets his jollies by abusing beautiful women. Sounds a bit like “The Yellow Bastard,” one of the Frank Miller stories presented in the film version of SIN CITY.


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  1. I was sitting here at work and doing some searching on the internet for blogs and articles regarding hepatitis C. That’s when I came across your posting above in regard to the movie, the term “yellow” and the correlation between the colour yellow and the character. I felt that a small, but effective education session was needed. Please take no offence, but the only way that we’ll ever rid the world of the stigma of hepatitis c and ensure that those living with it are not shunned by their peers, education is required.

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    It is not contagious among families, through kissing, hugging or the like. It is not contracted through sexual intercourse, unless of course the female has her menstrual cycle or if it is extremely rough sex where blood is involved. It can also live outside the body up to 4 days. This is just another reason to understand what precautions need to be taken and those that do not.

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