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Cinefantastique's Los Angeles Correspondent from 1987 to 1993 and West Coast Editor from 1993 to 1999. Currently the webmaster of Cinefantastique Online, I also run a website called Hollywood Gothique that covers Halloween Horror and Sci-Fi Cinema Events in the Los Angeles area.

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10 responses to “The Grudge (2004) – DVD Review”

  1. » Film Interview: Takashi Shimizu on Holding a Grudge

    [...] the tag-line for THE GRUDGE, the horror film starring Sarah Michelle Gellar as an American social worker in Tokyo who is [...]

  2. » Sense of Wonder: J-Horror Day

    [...] the only American version of a J-Horror flick that even comes close to matching the original is THE GRUDGE, which benefitted from the wise decision to hire the original film’s director, Takashi [...]

  3. » Shutter trailer

    [...] by Steve Biodrowski on 28 Jan 2008 at 05:13 pm | Tagged as: Trailers, Movies Like THE GRUDGE (2004), SHUTTER is a supernatural horror film about Americans living in Tokyo, where they are [...]

  4. » Remaking Asian Horror - A Brief History

    [...] was released to blockbuster success – nearly $130-million at the U.S. box office alone. This led to THE GRUDGE two years later (based on JU-ON: THE GRUDGE), which was almost as big a success as THE RING, earning [...]

  5. » Film Review: Shutter (2004)

    [...] is the sense of randomness (most obviously manifested in the JU-ON films and their American remake THE GRUDGE, wherein you only had to step into the wrong house to be marked for death). SHUTTER works on a [...]

  6. » Interview: Joshua Jackson on “Shutter”

    [...] the original Japanese versions of RING and JU-ON, as well as their American remakes THE RING and THE GRUDGE. Like THE GRUDGE, the new version of SHUTTER places American characters in Tokyo, where they [...]

  7. » Film Review: Shutter (2008)

    [...] truth about a dead, dark-haired Japanese girl, one cannot ignore the rather obvious similarity to THE GRUDGE (a previous Ichise [...]

  8. » Caturday: The Grudge (2004)

    [...] not dialogue, which is why horror travels well from country to country. A unique example of this is THE GRUDGE, an American remake of the 2003 Japanese production JU-ON: THE GRUDGE. Remaking a Japanese horror [...]

  9. » Film & DVD Review: Ju-on, The Grudge (2003)

    [...] Film & DVD Review: The Grudge [...]

  10. Laserblast DVD & Blu-ray: Underworld 3, Star Trek, The Grudge 3 | Cinefantastique Online

    [...] Shimizu, who has hopefully moved on to better things. Also out today is a Blu-ray release of THE GRUDGE, which was previously released on DVD in two versions: the PG-13 theatrical cut and the unrated [...]

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