DreamWorks to engage in “Paranormal Activity”

The Los Angeles Times reports that DreamWorks has purchased distribution and remake rights to PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, one of the more interesting films I saw at the Screamfest horror film festival last year. (I wrote about it here.) The plan is to have original director Oren Peli remake the virtually no-budget film on a larger scale. The remake would receive theatrical distribution; then the independently-shot original would be released on DVD along with the studio-backed version. Pele seems to be looking forward to the opportunity to expand upon his original:

“It’s definitely very exciting — I am still digesting it,” Peli said Wednesday. “Now we can try to do some things that were not possible before.”

Shot in the style of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY tells the supposedly true story of a young couple menaced by an unseen spirit or demon. They set up cameras to verify the haunting, which intensifies until it reaches a terrifying conclusion. The film’s key virtue is its low-key, believable approach, which renderes the “paranormal activity” in utterly convincing terms.

View the film’s trailer below:

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