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A Film Year Full of Escapism, Flat in Attendance: The New York Times takes a look back at the Year 2007 in Film, noting that nine of the top ten money-makers were fantasy and/or science-fiction.

MIKLÓS RÓZSA—An Onstage Tribute: TheEveningClass.Blogspot.Com offers a short career profile of one of the great film composers of all time, whose scores include Alfred Hitchcock’s SUSPICION and the fantasy classics THIEF OF BAGDAD and THE GOLDEN VOYAGE OF SINBAD. The article was inspired by  a tribute to Rozsa, currently at the Catro Theatre in San Francisco.

The Shallow End: Some 2008 New Year Resolutions: Over at RopeofSilocon.Com, Dave Frank offers up some interesting New Year’s resolutions, such as:

*The writers strike should continue, and the brewing summer-time actor and directors’ strikes must occur for one-and only one-reason: to kill the Justice League of America movie. Even with George Miller’s involvement, not even the voice of God can persuade me this film won’t be a disaster. The very idea of a JLA movie is rotten as an Englishman’s tooth. Mixing together several famous superheroes with complicated backgrounds and fitting them into a 2-hour movie is a perfect recipe for a junk food shilling product full of silly-looking half-baked characters.

Frank also has choice comments regarding M. Night Shyamalan’s THE HAPPENING, J.J. Abrams STAR TREK and CLOVERFIELD, plus THE DARK NIGHT, IDIANA JONES, IN THE NAME OF THE KING, THE MUMMY 3, and more. Oh, and Roger Ebert should no longer review epic fantasy films after giving a four-star rating to THE GOLDEN COMPASS.

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