Argento speaks English in “Giallo” – or is it “Yellow”?

Reuters reports that Dario Argento’s upcoming thriller GIALLO – starring Argento’s daughter Asia, Ray Liotta, and Vincent Gallo - will mark the Italian filmmaker’s English-language debut. This comes as something of a surprise to anyone who saw Argento’s episode of TWO EVIL EYES (1990) or his feature-length film TRAUMA (1994). In fact, most of Argento’s films have starred American or British actors in the lead roles, and if you watch the lip movements, you will see that much of the dialogue was recorded in English.

In any case, GIALLO will shot in Turin, with Liotta playing a detective tracking a serial killer (Gallo). The title is Italian for “Yellow,” a term used to designate mystery-thrillers in Italy (because of old pulp novels printed on yellow paper).


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