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At the Precipace We Change: Tyler Bates' Music To Make The Earth Stand Still

At the Precipace We Change: Tyler Bates’ Music To Make The Earth Stand Still

Tyler Bates’ has crafted a primarily dissonant, pulsating, and edgy score for the 2008 interpretation of the classic science fiction cautionary tale, THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL, one that is well in keeping with director Scott Derrickson’s epic of near-cataclysmic destruction while also sharing the film’s sense of humanity and harmony. Bates’ aggressive score [...]

Cybersurfing: Clone Returns, 30 Years of Star Wars Technology

Cybersurfing: Clone Returns, 30 Years of Star Wars Technology

Daily Variety reviews THE CLONE RETURNS HOME, an arthouse science fiction effort from Japan:
Eerie twins and wayward clones provide double trouble, to enigmatic, haunting effect, in “The Clone Returns Home,” a Japanese oddity that should please arthouse auds and sci-fi cultists alike. Bewitchingly intense low-budgeter has few special effects but achieves a glossy sheen, thanks [...]

American Carol

American Carol

Wow. I mean… Wow. Going into the DVD release of this notorious attempt at “conservative” humor, I was expecting something on the order of TEAM AMERICA: WORLD POLICE: some cheap shots at liberals, sure, but backed up with some good satire. There isn’t any reason why conservatives can’t be funny — P.J. O’Rourke and Chris [...]

Cybersurfing: Inkheart, Bloody Valentine Restored, Spirit

Cybersurfing: Inkheart, Bloody Valentine Restored, Spirit

Business 24/7 has an interview with actor Brendan Fraser, who discusses his upcoming fantasy film INKHEART and his desire to do another MUMMY movie so that he can pay his mortgage.
Shock Till You Drop has an interview with the producer of the original version of MY BLOODY VALENTINE, who details the difficulties of restoring the [...]

Box Office: Dog Tales, Bedtime Stories and a Curious Case

With Christmas just behind them and the New Year approaching, audiences seemed to be in a sentimental mood for the last weekend of 2008, leaving little room for science-fiction films or horror movies at the box office. The top three ticket sellers were MARLEY AND ME, BEDTIME STORIES, and THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON. [...]

Event Horizon - Now on Blu-ray

Event Horizon – Now on Blu-ray

Here is a major studio film, with a substantial budget for high-quality produciton value, that somehow manages to look little better than low-budget Roger Corman productions like BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS. Part of the problem rests with the 1990s obsession with computer-generated imagery. The anti-gravity effects achieved with this technique may be eye-catching, but they [...]

Gamera the Brave - Review

Gamera the Brave – Review

Finally released on DVD, this 2006 film one breaks continuity and abandons the adult tone of the well received 1990s GAMERA trilogy directed by Shusuke Kaneko (GAMERA, GUARDIAN OF THE UNIVERSE, GAMERA VS. LEGION, GAMERA 3: REVENGE OF IRYS), in favor of returning to the childish tone of the campy 1960s movies. As bad as that sounds, [...]

Laserblast: Blu-ray Releases of Serenity, Truman Show, Ghost, Event Horizon

Laserblast: Blu-ray Releases of Serenity, Truman Show, Ghost, Event Horizon

With Blu-ray having won the High-Def war against HD-DVD, more and more familiar titles are re-emerging on video store shelves, this time in the new format. Although the number of science fiction, fantasy, and horror films released on disc is low this week, the few that are available offer worthwhile examples of this phenomenon.
Serenity (Blu-ray)
It’s a [...]

The Unborn – Customizable Clip

We are not particularly looking forward to THE UNBORN, which is scheduled to open on January 9. The whole “scary pregnancy and/or evil child” sub-genre played itself out decades ago, and the “Produced by Michael Bay” credit is hardly a reassuring mark of quality. We are also mildly taken aback by the advertising campaign’s claim [...]

Judge rules Fox owns distrib rights to “Watchmen”

Variety reports that, in a surprise ruling on Christmas Eve, a judge has ruled that 20th Century Fox owns the distribution rights to the film version of WATCHMEN. The decision comes as a blow to Warner Brothers, which has produced the WATCHMEN movie and plans to release it on March 6. A week earlier, Judge [...]