The Host 2 in 2009 digs up some news reported in a Korean website called Star News: there will be a sequel to THE HOST, the excellent monster South Korean monster movie that received an art house release in this U.S. this March.

The full plot is not yet known, but Choi [Yong-bae, producer] did spill some beans— that the story is set in 2003 and takes place ’somewhere in Korea.’ One interesting thing of note is that the events of the original film took place in the summer of 2006. Will the sequel actually be a prequel? Will it be set in the same timeline as the original? Only time will tell.

Shooting is expected to begin in late summer of 2008 and the finished film is planned to be released in 2009. The production budget is reported to be higher than the original film’s 10 billion Korean won (approximately $10.9 million US). The director or principal cast are not yet confirmed. The producer said that he had various versions of how to make the sequel and he would first hire ’supervisors’ to help him decide one.

The monster attacks in THE HOST

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