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Cybersurfing: Eyeing

Cybersurfing: Eyeing “The Orphanage”

In a combination of review and interview at EyeWeekly.Com, Jason Anderson proclaims:
Elegantly rendered and effectively spooky, The Orphanage courts the same viewers that may or may not have much love for genre movies but still happily lost themselves in Pan’s Labyrinth — in other words, folks too classy to admit to seeing a Wishmaster movie. [...]

CyberSurfing 12/27/07

What news of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror is wafting through the Internet this holiday season? Follow us, and find out…
BLADE RUNNER: THE FINAL CUT FOR CHRISTMAS is a nice article that examines the historical importance of the film and looks at some of the flaws that have been corrected in the latest DVD release.

Scripting “I Am Legend”

One-time Cinefantastique writer Dan Gire has an profile of screenwrtier Mark Protosevich about bringing Richard Matheson’s novel I Am Legend to the screen for the third time. The most interesting tidbit is that that crappy happy ending was the work of producer Akiva Goldsman (whose name is mis-spelled “Goldsmith” in the article), not Protosevich, whose [...]

When “ho-ho-ho” gives way to “horror”

DailyNews.Com has an article looking at the preponderance of horror-themed movies out in time for Christmas: the bloody SWEENEY TODD, the spooky THE ORPHANAGE, and the monster-fest ALIENS VS. PREDATOR: REQUIEM. Less scary but still involing a monster is WATER HORSE: LEGEND OF THE DEEP. What’s goint on here? Is Christmas being totally debased by [...]

AVP:R – worst film of the year?

Lucius Gore of has endured ALIEN VS. PREDATOR: REQUIEM, and he is not happy, calling it “easily the worst movie of 2007″ and a “sacrilege” perpetrated against the 1979 ALIEN. He also advises that AVP:R should be used “in film classes as an example of what can go wrong with a movie.” Read the [...]

Movies that go

Movies that go “Splat!”

Our friends at are now hosting a handful of free, full-length movies: the entertaining if more than slightly over-the-top HORROR EXPRESS; George A. Romero’s original NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD; and the old U.S. cut of Dario Argento’s DEEP RED. The last title holds perhaps the most value: in 2000, Argento’s film was released on [...]

Box Office: Treasure #1 but AVP2 bows big

NATIONAL TREASURE: BOOK OF SECRETS was the big winner over the long holiday weekend, earning a massive $65.44-million from Friday to Tuesday, ALIENS VS. PREDATOR: REQUIEM was almost as impressive: opening in 2,563 theatres on Christmas Day, the film earned one-day gross of $9.52-million – enough to land in the #7 position at the U.S. box [...]

Laserblast: Few presents for Christmas

With Christmas (when stores are closed) falling on a Tuesday (the day when home videos are released), perhaps it should be no surprise that only a handful of titles were scheduled for this week. In any case, the previous week was front-loaded with releases, so that there would be time to stuff them into stockings. Consequently, [...]

Supernal Dreams: Bernard Herrmann on Film Music

32 years ago today, on December 24, 1975, we lost an artist  many would agree was the the greatest film composer to ever set music to celluloid images: Bernard Herrmann.  It’s also amazing that such a distinguished composer spent so much of his time working on movies of the fantastique.  Remember, that Herrmann was composing during a time when genre films [...]

Francis Ford Coppola on YOUTH WITHOUT YOUTH

Francis Ford Coppola on YOUTH WITHOUT YOUTH “A Tapestry of Illusion”

Director Francis Coppola stopped by the beautifully remodeled Sundance Kabuki Cinemas in San Francisco December 22 to answer questions from the audience after a screening of his lyrical new movie, YOUTH WITHOUT YOUTH.  It is based on an allegorical novel by the Romanian philosopher, Mircea Eliade,  and Coppola shot it (quite gorgeously) on locations throughout Romania. 

Coppola’s remarks offered much [...]

CyberSurfing 12/21/07

More ephemera distilled from the infinite vastness of the Internet…
VATICAN DENOUNCES “COMPASS”: The Vatican newspaper l’Osservatore Romanao dismisses the film as “Godless and hopeless.” Unfortunately, Hollywood Today writer Stacey Silberman conflates the Vatican criticism with calls by an American group for a boycott, despite the fact that the l’Osservatore Romanao editorial does not advise Catholics against seeing [...]

Raimi returns to horror

Raimi returns to horror

Well, maybe “returns” is a bit much – after all Raimi has been producing horror films for the past few years under the Ghost House banner: THE GRUDGE, THE MESSENGERS, and 30 DAYS OF NIGHT. But now news comes that he will be directing a new horror flick for the first time since…well, it depends on whether you [...]

The Host 2 in 2009

The Host 2 in 2009 digs up some news reported in a Korean website called Star News: there will be a sequel to THE HOST, the excellent monster South Korean monster movie that received an art house release in this U.S. this March.
The full plot is not yet known, but Choi [Yong-bae, producer] did spill some beans— that the story is [...]