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The Montreal Mirror has posted “Sadness and the Supernatural,” an article that includes interviews with the makers of THE ORPHANAGE, the new supernatural thriller from Spain that follows in the footsteps of the excellent DEVIL’S BACKBONE and PAN’S LABYRINTH (Guillermo Del Toro acts as a producer on ORPHANAGE, but it sounds as if his involvement consisted mostly of enabling director Jaun Antonio Bayona and writer  Sergio G. Sanchez to get their film made the way they wanted.)

The story follows a woman who returns to an orphanage where she was raised; now she wants to convert it to a home for children with serious illnesses. Her own ailing son develops a relationship with an imaginary playmate, who may be a ghost. Mark Slutsky writes:

It’s a sense of emotional isolation that unites the movie. “All of the characters in the movie share a feeling of loneliness,” Bayona says. “The woman, the mother, her children, the husband, even the ghosts in the story, what they need is someone. Because there are no bad characters in the movie. There is not the good and the bad. I think that you can sympathize with all of them because you understand this feeling of sadness, in the whole story and in every character.”

The trailer for THE ORPHANAGE looks creepy, and the film has been earning advance buzz at places like the Toronto International Flm Festival.

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