Legendary box office – updated

Will Smith in FantasyMoguls.Com has the rundown on the weekend box office so far, along with predictions for what to expect on Sunday.

I AM LEGEND earned $28.4-million on Friday, which could lead to $70-million-plus for the three-day weekend. That will make it the strongest opening weekend of Will Smith’s career and the sixth biggest opening of 2007 (behind SPIDER-MAN 3, SHREK THE THIRD, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, HARRY POTTER & THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX, and THE SIMPSONS MOVIE).

ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS is also donig well, with a $13.3-million Friday indicating it could approach the $40-million mark by the end of Sunday.

THE GOLDEN COMPASS is in third place, but with Friday revenues indicating only a $10-million weekend, the box office will have plunged over 60% from its debut a week ago. The film opened more strongly overseas, but even that seems to be tapering off. This film may not earn back its negative cost, and the possibility of the two sequels being made seems dim.

UPDATE: According to EW.Com, I AM LEGEND’S opening weekend grosses will ad up to $76.5-million. ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS are chewing through $45-million. And GOLDEN COMPASS plunged 65% in its second weekend, earning $9-million.

Here are the weekend’s genre films that made the charts:

  • I AM LEGEND #1 – $76.54-million/$76.54-million total
  • ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS #2 – $45.0-million/$76.54-million total
  • THE GOLDEN COMPASS #3 – $9.03-million/$40.97-million total
  • FRED CLAUS #7 – $2.31-million/$68.97-million total
  • BEOWULF #12 – $1.35-million/79.23-million

Read the complete Top Ten here.

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