Golden Compass in Baltimore Sun

The Baltimore Sun has a sort of combo review-interview of THE GOLDEN COMPASS, in which critic Michael Sragow argues that writer-director Chris Weitz avoids escapism in favor of showing a young girl navigating a complex world of difficult moral choices.

…unlike Harry Potter or even Frodo, Lyra [the film's young protagonist] takes many of her growth leaps on her own. Weitz wanted her notion of justice to fuel the film’s dramatic engine.

“Pullman respects the integrity of children,” Weitz says. Lyra honors a pledge to get to the bottom of the child-stealing Gobblers “even though she makes that vow before we know whether the Gobblers are just another urban myth.” She must learn to glean wisdom from the wicked, see beyond the flaws of the virtuous, and even dissemble and prevaricate for the greater good.

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