Gauging the Compass

MarketWatch takes a look at the potential box office fortunes of THE GOLDEN COMPASS, which opened today. New Line Cinema is hoping for a big hit, but analyst seem to doubt that the new film will measure up to the company’s previous fantasy film franchise, LORD OF THE RINGS.

The article also takes stock of whether the controversy around the GOLDEN COMPASS will help or hurt its ticket sales. The issue seems relatively minor: the Catholic League has called for a boycott, but the U.S. Conference on Catholic Bishops gave the film a generally favorable review. It may ignite some interest, but a bigger factor will probably be reviews, which so far have been favorable but not overwhelming. For example, from Metroblog:

For all the bluster about anti-Catholic sentiment, an author’s vision being watered down and the glut of epic fantasy films crowding the multiplexes, the bear fight is the only stand-out scene in “Compass.” Everything else is average at best.

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