Steve Biodrowski

Cinefantastique's Los Angeles Correspondent from 1987 to 1993 and West Coast Editor from 1993 to 1999. Currently the webmaster of Cinefantastique Online, I also run a website called Hollywood Gothique that covers Halloween Horror and Sci-Fi Cinema Events in the Los Angeles area.

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5 responses to “The Devil’s Backbone – Horror Film Review”

  1. » Sense of Wonder: Looking Over Films Overlooked by Oscar

    [...] to study the immunity and must break ranks to save the life of her patient. As in films like THE DEVIL’S BACKBONE and CHILDREN OF MEN,the remainder of the narrative systematically kills off the surrogate parental [...]

  2. » Del Toro heading to Saturn

    [...] END OF DAYS, which he called his “final little movie about childhood and horror.” Like THE DEVIL’S BACKBONE and PAN’S LABYRINTH, the film will feature a child protagonist dealing with adult horrors. [...]

  3. » Retrospective: Top 20 Chick Flick Horror Movies

    [...] to extremes. The film was executive produced by Guillermo Del Toro, whose PAN’S LABYRINTH and THE DEVIL’S BACKBONE may also appeal to women, because of their portrait of childhood innocence menaced by adult horrors, [...]

  4. » Film Review: Hellboy II - The Golden Army (2008)

    [...] were entranced by del Toro’s emotionally rich and visually stunning Spanish Civil War themed THE DEVIL’S BACKBONE (2001) and PAN’S LABYRINTH (2006), you are urged to see del Toro go summer blockbuster [...]

  5. » Sense of Wonder: Hellboy 2 - The Critical Divide

    [...] He has charted a dual career path alternating between small-scale, Spanish-language films (CRONOS, THE DEVIL’S BACKBONE, and PAN’S LABYRINTH) and bigger Hollywood projects (MIMIC, BLADE II, the HELLBOY films, and [...]

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