CyberSurfing 12/27/07

What news of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror is wafting through the Internet this holiday season? Follow us, and find out…

BLADE RUNNER: THE FINAL CUT FOR CHRISTMAS is a nice article that examines the historical importance of the film and looks at some of the flaws that have been corrected in the latest DVD release.

ARE WEL ALL BECOMING GEEKS? asks why some people still profess to hate science-fiction, even though many of the innovations we take fo granted today (like digital watches and iPods) were first imagined by sci-fi visionaries.

10 SCIENCE FICTION MOVIES EVERY SCI-FI FAN SHOULD WATCH starts out strong with BLADE RUNNER, 2001, 12 MONKEYS, etc, then goes down the tubes with THE 13TH FLOOR and PITCH BLACK.

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