CyberSurfing 12/18/07

Gliding across the reaches of space and time, occasionally we reach out to snatch a tid-bit or two of news from the depths…

I AM LEGEND CREATURES: Fangoria posts some photos of the prosthetic creatures that were planned before computer-generated imagery took over (to the film’s detriment).

PSYCHOANALYZING STEPHEN SPIELBERG: Film Threat interviews Andrew M. Gordon, whose Empire of Dreams: The Science Fiction and Fantasy Films of Stephen Spielberg offers psychoanalytic insights into films like DUEL and WAR OF THE WORLDS. The most amusing thing about this article is that the interviewer keeps trying to get Gordon to agree to his pet criticisms of Spielberg’s work, but Gordon refuses to play along.

WORLD WAR Z: E-Splatter points us to IESB’s review of the WORLD WAR Z script, penned by J. Michael Staczynski, based on the book by Max Brooks.

ALIEN VS. PREDATOR – REQUIEM: has posted an R-rated trailer for the film’s release in Japan, where the title is, apparently, ALIEN VS. PREDATOR 2. The trailer is in English with Japanese subtitles. Some of the footage is from previous trailers, but this one actually makes the film look as if it might be scary.

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