CyberSurfing 12/17/07

Again, we delve into the primordial ooze of the Internet, searching for pearls of news…

CLOVERFIELD MONSTER REVEALED: Somebody has slowed down the footage from the trailer to provide a brief blurry glimpse of what looks like a large bi-pedal monster striding between buildings.

MASTERS OF HORROR, Season 1, Volume III: reviews the Blu-ray disc.

GETTIN’ JIGGY WITH WILL: The Deccan Herald interviews Will Smith about I AM LEGEND.

NOBODY KNOWS THE TRIBBLES HE’S SEEN: Science-fiction author David Gerrold talks to the New York Times about being famous for mostly writing the “Trouble with Tribbles” episode of STAR TREK, even though he has numerous other work to his credit, including the novella “The Martian Child,” which inspired the recent film starring John Cusak.

WHO KNOWS IF THE DOCTOR WILL CLOSE THE DOOR ON THE TARDIS: Co-star Catherine Tate hints that David Tennant, the current star of the BBC’s DR. WHO, may leave after the next season.

CAST CHANGES FOR SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES: Garret Dillahutn will take over the role of the cyborg Cromarlie in this TV spin-off of THE TERMINATOR.

GENRE CONQUERORS HOLLYWOOD: TalkingSquid.Net notes that huge success of cinefantastique – not only financially but also critically – and wonders why the literature is still treated like some kind of bastard step-child.

TORCHWOOD: TVSquad recommends this spin-off of DR. WHO. They also like JEKYLL, the BBC’s recent update of “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.”

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