Box Office: Audiences remain Enchanted

Thanks to a dearth of new titles, there was little movement on this week’s box office Top Ten. The one new release, the thriller AWAKE, landed in fourth place with a meager $6.01-million earned on just over 2,000 screens. 

ENCHANTED - Disney’s fantasy combo of live-action and animation – remained at the #1 position during its second weekend of release, earning an estimated $17.02-million. That yielded an impressive two-week total of $70.62-million in North American theatres. The film seems like to go on to become the biggest release of the Fall, likely to surpass BEE MOVIE.

The news for other genre titles was less encouraging, although BEOWULF remained fairly strong, holding the third place position for the second weekend in a row. With weekend earnings of $7.88-million, the film raised its three-week total to $68.6 – not bad but not the blockbuster that was expected, considering the cost of production.

FRED CLAUS was still jolly, in sixth place for the second weekend in a row, earning $5.5-million. After four weeks, the North American total is $59.78-million.

BEE MOVIE plunged from #5 to # 9. Not to worry, however; the $4.47-million weekend take raised the five-week total to $117.64-million.

Dropping out of the Top Ten in only its second weekend of release was THE MIST, which evaporated from #9 to #11. The film earned $4.25-million in its sophomore session, for a two-week total of $19.26-million.

Sliding down two notches to #12 was MR. MAGORIUM’S WONDER EMPORIUM, which added $3.25-million to its disappointing three-week total of $26.322-million.

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