Bond in Tweed

goldencompasscraig.jpgSMH.Com.Au has an interview with Daniel Craig regarding THE GOLDEN COMPASS.

“I’ve read the books four times,” Craig says proudly. “I read Tolkien when I was a child. I like good fantasy novels and Philip Pullman is a fantastic writer. I don’t think he set out to write these as children’s stories but that’s how they became and as in all great children’s stories they transcend that label.

“As with Tolkien, there’s something in them beyond the fantasy of witches and elves. They just provide a backdrop for a story about real human emotions.”

There are [...] traces of Bond in [Craig's] character and he notes how Pullman “strongly endorsed” additional action scenes featuring his adventurer’s journey to the Arctic region that do not appear in the book.

The actor also talks about his role as James Bond, which he will reprise soon in a follow-up to CASINO ROYAL.

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