Blade Runner’s Future Vision

In honor of the DVD release of BLADE RUNNER: THE FINAL CUT on DVD later this month, IGN takes a look at how the seminal 1982 sci-fi film has influenced two-and-a-half decades of of cinematic science-fiction.

When Blade Runner was first released back in 1982, no one could have predicted the impact it would have on entertainment field, both aesthetically and philosophically. The film’s vision of a dark dystopian future has played a part in science fiction lore since its release in theaters; not bad for a film that was technically a box office bomb. Fortunately, international audiences embraced the movie and it wasn’t long before the world became aware of it. Soon Blade Runner garnered a sizable fan following and was elevated to classic film status, thereby cementing its lofty perch in cinema for perpetuity.

Titles cited include the revamped BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, TOTAL RECALL (like BLADE RUNNER, based on a story by Philip K. Dick), and (amusingly enough) Mike Judge’s sci-fi satire IDIOCRACY.

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