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Bloody-Disgusting.Com has an interview with Rob Zombie, who discusses details of the upcoming unrated HALLOWEEN DVD release. In a nutshell, Zombie says that the unrated cut is not the workprint that was leaked online shortly before the film’s theatrical release:

I don’t know what this bullshit workprint is, something got online which I never saw. But during the course of cutting a movie, there’s like 50 different ‘workprints’, you know what I mean? So whatever’s online, I don’t know. Because every day you recut the movie and it’s different. So the version from the day that someone decided to steal the movie and put it online is one of the 300 versions we were cutting. So I don’t know what that is, but the one on the Unrated DVD is not that. The Unrated version has stuff no one has ever seen; stuff that was never in any cut. And also we went back and made it real movie – redo the music, redo the sound, remix it, make it all look good. The unrated version is definitely the most deluxe version of all.

This is a somewhat odd rant. Zombie seems to be disowning the leaked workprint. In a way, this is understandable; why should he defend an unfinished version of the movie? But references to “50 different ‘workprints’” and “300 versions we were cutting” are rather obvious exaggerations to make it sound as if the the leaked version were just one of many variations – and a forgotten one at that. Okay, so the “workprint” was not the “director’s cut;” it was a work-in-progress. Big deal. It still reveals that some major changes were made in post-production before the film was released.

Zombie goes on to say that he did not indulge himself by restoring every deleted scene, just the ones he thought would improve the film. The rest will be available as extras on the DVD.

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