Romero says Diary 2 rumors are premature

A few days ago, Horror-Fanatics.Com posted a report that George A. Romero had drafted a screenplay for a sequel to DIARY OF THE DEAD. I wrote a post in which I originally described this report as, mostly likely, “wishful thinking” – but I quickly revised my post when Hollywood Reporter posted an article supposedly confirming that DIARY 2 had been green-lighted.

Well, it seems I was right the first time. E-Splatter.Com has a quote lifted from an interview Romero gave to IGN, in which he says the sequel talk is premature:

“I’m not sure where that came from. I wouldn’t mind continuing the discussion, but nothing is decided yet. Euphoria seems to have set in even though the film has only screened about six times.

“The only way I can see it being worthwhile is if we use the same characters, which would be the first time I have done that. I don’t have an idea yet, but if the idea and the money can meet somewhere in the middle, it’s possible.”



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