The Seeker: The Dark is Rising reviewed

seeker.jpgStephen Faber thinks that THE SEEKER: THE DARK IS RISING – a new fantasy film that hopes to tape into a piece of the HARRY POTTER revenues – is well cast and begins cleverly, but ultimately fails to hold audience attention:

…the film plods along without a lot of excitement or inspiration. There’s one scary sequence with an army of snakes led by an albino cobra, but a lot of other scenes depend on elaborate CGI effects that aren’t all that thrilling. Another problem is that the plot requires young Will to go through a series of trials to find the six signs that will enable him to save the world, and there simply isn’t enough variety in these ordeals. The movie’s one surprise twist will be pretty transparent to anyone above the age of 6. Although the film is extremely well photographed by Joel Ransom, it fails to build a sense of mounting terror. The denouement is completely predictable, which might be satisfying to young viewers who haven’t seen a lot of movies. For the rest of us, “Seeker” is a ho-hum exercise in mysticism and hocus-pocus.

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2 Responses to “ The Seeker: The Dark is Rising reviewed ”

  1. There’s a reason for that. It’s because Hollywood managed to butcher a beloved book/series into a parody of itself. Probably stems from a need to tie in merchandise and their misguided thoughts that our children are dumber than they really are.

    There was no need to rip it apart and take out the foundations, change the characters and basically make a piece of garbage that was trying to fly on the coat tails of Harry Potter. This was a series of beloved books long before Harry Potter and was something JKR would have read as a younger girl which might have inspired her. Children aren’t stupid. They don’t need to think that being American is the only nationality to be, so replacing a British children’s literary hero with one, all in all isn’t going to make our children rush out to see it and buy the toys. NO, in fact, most of the children I know are appalled at this and being treated as if they are stupid.

    They do not need mall scenes and “love” and an enemy which might be an enemy or then again not, dysfunctional families instead of a boisterous large loving one, nor does it make them gasp and say ooooohhhhhhh if you leave the premise of the book intact and INCLUDE the Arthurian legend roots.

    Too bad Hollywood just can’t seem to realize we’re not all stupid toy buying mindless sheep – adults and children alike. BOO!

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