Near Dark director negotiation

The vampire gang from the orignal NEAR DARK.Hollywood Reporter warns us that the NEAR DARK remake is taking a step closer to reality, with negotiations underway to sign music video director Sam Bayer to helm the project. Christopher Landon (DISTURBIA) is writing the script, based on the 1987 film about a young man who falls in with a dangerous gang of vampires travelling the roads by night.

The first NEAR DARK is quite a gem, but it is hard to see the potential for a remake, especially when the company behind the project, Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes, is the one responsible for this year’s lifeless re-do of THE HITCHER.

My theory about remakes is pretty simple: You can always remake Dracula, Superman, or Hamlet, because audiences will always want to know who will play Dracula, Superman, or Hamlet. I don’t think too many rabid fans are sitting in their parents’ basements wondering who will fill in for Lance Henriksen in a new version of NEAR DARK.

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