Matthew Vaughn’s macho Thor

thor.jpgDirector Matthew Vaughn, whose STARDUST, included a sky pirate who was less cut-throat than cross-dressing, will embace machismo in his next fantasy film, an adaptation of the Marvel comic book Thor. Vaughn told Empire Online:

Marvel were so surprised to see this other side of me with Stardust,” recalls Matthew Vaughn of his initial meeting to discuss his vision for the God of Thunder. “They actually said to me, ‘You are going to make Thor more macho? Right?’ Well, don’t worry – Thor’s not going to be wearing a dress.”

Vaughn was concerned about doing two fantasy films back to back, but he believes THOR will be different by virtue of its comic book sensibility:

“…it’s different in the sense that it’s a superhero film set in the world of fantasy. You’ve got Thor and Odin and it’s set in Asgard – it’s not going to be like Lord of the Rings or even Narnia. I think it’s important to keep it comic book. We’re not doing the Thor of Norse mythology. We’re doing the Marvel Thor.”

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