Laserblast: Resurrection

This is one of those weeks – when there are dozens of sci-fi, horror, and fantasy titles listed among the week’s DVD releases, but most if not all of them have been previously released, and in many cases the only new thing about the resurrected version is the cover art. Consequently, keeping in mind that the hard-gore genre fan already has these titles in his/her collection, we give you this rundown of what’s for sale.

RESIDENT EVIL: EXTINCTION opens in a few weeks, so of course that means it is time to resurrect the previous films in the series, RESIDENT EVIL and RESIDENT EVIL: APOCALYPSE. Now you can get both films in one two-disc DVD package, which will fit much more snugly onto your shelf, somewhere in between RE-ANIMATOR and THE RESURRECTED.

Also resurrected this week is DOG SOLDIERS, the debut horror film from writer-director Neil Marshall, who went on to make last year’s fine (if overlooked) THE DESCENT. This is the way cool sage of British soldiers on training manuvers run run afoul of a pack of werewolves. As you might expect from the set-up, Marshall combines horror with lots of action, creating in interesting hybrid of genres. In the later half, the soldiers board themselves up into an old cabin for safety, and the structure starts to resemble NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD – one of many visual and verbal references in a film filled with sly in-jokes. This film really deserved a U.S. theatrical release back in 2002, but Hollywood decreed that it was “too British” to find an audience on American shores. Read our review here.

Also, a slew of James Bond titles hit store shelves this week: DR. NO, DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER, LIVE AND LET DIE, OCTOPUSSY, A VIEW TO A KILL, TOMORROW NEVER DIES. These are basically single-disc editions of discs that were part of previous box set presentations, now offered with standard clamshell cases (featuring new artwork) instead of the slim cases used in the box sets. You won’t get all the bonus features, expect for the audio commentaries, but if you want to pick and choose your favorite 007 outings instead of collecting the entire franchise, this may be a financially viable option.

Finally, two interesting anime titles are back on DVD shelves: GHOST IN THE SHELL and PERFECT BLUE. The former is a great piece of cyber-punk cinema that predates THE MATRIX by four years; the later is an interesting (though illogical) attempt to craft a queasy psycho-thriller in the anime form. Both have previously been available on DVD for some time; now Manga Video is resurrecting them under their “Essence of Anime” banner, which features some cool newe artwork on the cover.

Check out these and other DVDs below. If you have trouble navigating through the available titles, click here to browse our store not embedded in the website.

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