Galileo 7 gets a new coat of paint, airs September 15.

In what must ranks as one of the strangest examples ever of tinkering with a classic, in honor of its 40th anniversary, the original STAR TREK television series has been digitally remastered, with new, computer generated effects added. This “new and improved” version of the old show will debut in syndication on September 15 with the episode “Galileo Seven.” That is the episode in which the eponymous shuttlecraft crash-lands, putting Spock in command of a small crew on the surface of a hostile planet – a task at which he fails miserably, when his much-vaunted logic proves singularly inadept at predicting the actions of the primitive savages lurking on the planet.

Expect to see crips new transfers of the episode’s original elements, combined with modern-day computer-generated imagery replacing the old-fashioned effects. has a list of stations airing the episode here.

You can watch a teaser trailer for the remastered episodes below. To be honest, despite my objection on general principle to the refurbishing, the trailer does not look too bad.

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