No, the “R” doesn’t stand for “Requiem” – even though the official title of AVP2 is ALIENS VS PREDATOR: REQUIEM. No, the “R” stands for “Rated R.” You can already hear the hymns of praise and songs of joy lifting the roof off the house over at Arrow in the Head, and if you listen closely I’m sure your eardrums will tingle with the echoes from Bloody-Disgusting.Com, Dread Central, and all the other gore-hound websites.

Read more – and see the trailer – below the fold. 

What Arrow’s Ammon Gilbert overlooks in his rejoicing is that the biggest problem with ALIEN VS PREDATOR was not the PG-13 rating; it was the silly decision to set the movie on Earth during present day and turn the story into a blueprint for a videogame (with characters negotiating a labyrinth of rooms and corridors, each offering particular dangers that had to be surmounted before moving on to the next challenge). There is little reason to hope that an R-rating is going to fix any of that this time around.

On the other hand, when I slip out of my grumpy persona and peruse the trailer, I have to admit that the imgary of a small town overrun simultaneously by aliens andpredators is pretty funny. I doubt it will make a great sci-fi horror film, but it could be a cool satire.

And by the way, I’m still rooting for the aliens, and I don’t think it’s cool seeing the predators slice and dice them with their nifty knuckle knives (or whatever they’re called). As I’ve pointed out before the aliens are pretty much innocent – though admittedly dangerous – animals, who kill only for survival; there is a certain elegance and beauty to them (”Did he smile his work to see?/Did he who made the lamb make thee?”). The predators, on the other hand, are thoroughly morally repugnant - advanced, intelligent beings, who kill for sport, and use their technology to make the killing easier and more fun. I hope the sum-bitches all become alien chow.

On another note, anyone else wondering why the title is ALIENS VS PREDATOR, as opposed to ALIEN VS PREDATOR or ALIENS VS PREDATORS? My guess is that it’s got something to do with licensing – a way of enabling people who worked on 1986’s ALIENS (but not on the original ALIEN) to claim a piece of the merchandising pie.

NOTE: Apprently, this trailer is no longer available at YouTube. Sorry.

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