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Tyler Mane as the new Michael MyersGarth Franklin at Dark Horizons gives the run-down on the work-print version of Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN, which somehow found its way onto the Internet. After noting that something similar happened to Eli Roth’s HOSTEL 2, Franklin writes:

This leak is more interesting in that it’s the film’s ‘work print,’ the version shown to test audiences back in June which was panned and lead to a rushed week of reshooting to change the ending and “beef up” the gore quotient (allegedly six more deaths were added in).

Not only does it imply somebody in the production process leaked it (rather than exhibitors or audience members with cameras), but also gives insight into the test screening process as to what about the film has been changed.

Right off the bat for example, the ’sample clip’ being offered with the torrent shows off a disgustingly brutal gang rape by guards on a female prisoner in front of Michael. It’s a scene that is non-existent in the final film in theatres, replaced by a thankfully tamer ‘escape scene’.

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