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Box Office: Treasure still tops

NATIONAL TREASURE remained tops at the U.S. box office over the three-day period from Friday, December 27 through Sunday, December 29, and the top four slots remained in the hands of hold-over titles, allowing little room for new films to find a niche in the marketplace.
ALIENS VS PREDATOR: REQUIEM, in 2,611 theatres, had to settle for [...]

Analyzing the subtle terror of “The Orphanage”

There are a couple of interesting articles available today that examine the subtle approach to horror used in THE ORPHANAGE:
“ORPHANAGE is more than just a horror film” consists mostly of an interview with director Juan Antonio Bayona, who insists that he did not make just a horror film:
“A ghost story doesn’t have to be a [...]

Death Race press release

Universal Pictures has put out a press release for DEATH RACE, the remake of the classic exploitation film DEATH RACE 2000 (1975), which starred David Carradine and Sylvester Stallone. The new version stars Jason Statham as a convict forced by a sadistic warden to run a countrywide gauntlet in a souped up speedster.

For some reason, [...]

CyberSurfing 12/28/07

CyberSurfing 12/28/07

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GEORGE BAILY examines Frank Capra’s Christmas classic IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE, reminding us that the film originally fare poorly with audiences and critics and only became popular thanks to television reruns and video re-releases. Writer Graham Fuller insists that the film’s reputation as an optimistic piece of fantasy is a mis-interpretation, but he [...]

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