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Cinefantastique 31:8

Cinefantastique 31:8

The October 1999 issue (Volume 31, Number 8 ) featured a cover story on the X-FILES television show, plus preview articles on DUDLEY DO-RIGHT, ANGEL, LOST SOULS, THE ASTRONAUT’S WIFE, and UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: THE RETURN. Articles from this issue can be accessed under the Archives listing for October 1999.
The contents for this issue are as [...]

Lake Placid (1999) – Horror Film Review

LAKE PLACID is the next step in the evolutionary process that led from JAWS to ANACONDA. The unlikely but amusing story has a JURASSIC-size Salt Water Crocodile showing up in an isolated lake not too far from the Easter Coast (having apparently migrated across the Atlantic). Needless to say, in order to keep the horror [...]

The Matrix (1999) – Science Fiction Film Review

The surprise sleeper success of 1999, this ingenious science fiction thriller easily surpassed THE PHANTOM MENACE in imagination, action, acting, and effects – if not in box office. It also spawned two action-packed sequels that, unfortunately, illustrated the law of diminishing returns, as what once seemed fresh and original quickly decayed into repetitious formula.
Excellence can [...]

Practical Magic (1998) - Review

Practical Magic (1998) – Review

The best you can say for this film is that everyone meant well; unfortunately, the road to hell is paved with…well, you know the rest.
Basically, Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman play the latest generation in a family of witches, who have been cursed by an ancestor whose love was betrayed. Now, if either one of [...]