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Cinefantastique 28:1

Cinefantastique 28:1

The August 1996 issue (Volume 28, Number 10) features a cover story on the making gof THE CROW: CITY OF ANGELS, including interviews with the actors, director, screenwriter, and special effects team, plus a look back at the J. O’Barr graphic novel that inspired the film franchise. Other feature articles include THE FRIGHTENERS (from Peter Jackson), [...]


By Steve Biodrowski 
Have you ever wondered about those quotes you see in movie ads – you know, the ones from critics singing praises of glory as if the film were a major event in cinema history? Well, there is reason to wonder, as you will see if you turn to the capsule reviews page this [...]

Barb Wire (1996) – Film Review

By Dan Cziraky
Is there some law that only DC Comics can make decent film adaptations of their comic books? After striking out with DR. GIGGLES and TANK GIRLS, Dark Horse Comics tries again, this tiem with futuristic female mercenary BARB WIRE. David Hogan’s film stars Pamela Anderson Lee’s breast, derriere, legs, and face. There are [...]

Twister (1996) – Film Review

“intense depiction of very bad weather”* 
Well, the film is out, and the reviews are in. Predictably, the critics carping over TWISTER’s alleged failings have proved that they don’t appreciate the wonders of cinema magic, for this movie is a wonder to behold. Working from a simple premise (storm chasers pursue tornadoes in the hope of [...]

James and the Giant Peach: Film Review

James and the Giant Peach: Film Review

JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH may be fashioned from a variety of film-making techniques, but there is one intangible element that holds the film together: pure imagination. Springing to life first in the fertile mind of author Roald Dahl and then planted like a seed in the equally fertile mind of stop-mo¬tion director Henry Selick, [...]

James and the Giant Peach – Capsule Review

Don’t be surprised if, much like the titular fruit, you feel you’ve been cast adrift in this live-action/stop-motion animated adaptation of the Roald Dahl children’s classic. The story of a boy’s fanciful trip to New York City, accom¬panied by the insect inhabitants of a massive peach, seems to have been a victim of an historic [...]

Ghost in the Shell (1995) – Anime Film Review

Existential angst in the form of cyberpunk anime from Japan. A form of artificial intelligence has become self aware, and now it`s seeking a way to escape from cyberspace into the real world. Ironically, the special forces tracking it down are formerly human beings whose bodies and brains have been so enhanced with modern technology [...]