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Cinefantastique 24:2

Cinefantastique 24:2

The Auguest 1993 issue of Cinefantastique magazine (Volume 24, Number 2) featured a cover story on JURASSIC PARK, including interviews with Michael Crichton, Stan Winston, and many others. The dino-packed issue also featured articles on Roger Corman’s CARNOSAUR, plus PREHYSTERIA and the DINOSAURS ATTACK bubblegum cards. Other articles included an alternate cover story on the [...]

JURASSIC PARK: Michael Crichton on Adapting his Novel to the Screen

“Paradigm” was just another word for a model, but as scientists used it, the term meant something more, a world view. A larger way of seeing the world. Paradigm shifts were said to occur whenever science made a major change in its view of the world.
-Michael Crichton, JURASSIC PARK
In his novel Jurassic Park, Michael Crichton [...]

Interview: Stan Winston on making Jurassic Park’s full-size dinos live and breath

In discussing his live-action dinosaurs in JURASSIC PARK, makeup effects expert Stan Winston referred to Willis OBrien’s KING KONG as “yet to be surpassed.” But the praise ir O’Brien had an edge. Winston bore the confidence of one who expected his work to be the top dog come June. But dinosaur film fans, who have [...]