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Cinefantastique 19:1-2

Cinefantastique 19:1-2

The January 1989 double issue of Cinefantastique (Volume 19, Numbers 1 & 2) magazine features an extensive cover story on the career of “Vincent Price: Horror’s Crown Prince.” This survey of Price’s fifty years in Hollywood and his legacy in the genre was written by Steve Biodrowski with David Del Valle and Lawrence French, with [...]

Price on Poe: Thoughts about the Horror that Made him Famous

Long before Vincent Price was asked by director Roger Corman to star in a screen version of THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER (1960), he had been a fervent admirer of the writings of Edgar Allan Poe. Price relates “I’ve been enchanted by Poe ever since I was forced to read him as a [...]

The Blob (1958) - A Retrospective

The Blob (1958) – A Retrospective

Most of the classic movie monsters are derived from folklore (the Wolfman), literature (Frankenstein), or a combination of the two (Dracula). Only a very few are original products of Hollywood. Of these latter creatures, one of the most memorable ever to leave its indelible impression upon the popular psyche is the Blob. Let’s face it: [...]